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Rockland Real Estate

Rockland community is home to the historic Craigdarroch Castle and Government House historical site. This historic neighborhood was once home to mansions/estates and still hold onto its character feel.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

This neighborhood has the usual residential infrastructure of apartments, townhouses and houses but some of the units available in this location are converted mansions and houses that give the community a more character atmosphere. This area has the second highest percentage of seniors with the median age of it’s residents at 49.5. This area tends to have larger stately homes but 71% of its dwellings are multi-family dwellings. This neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Victoria and houses here start at around $900,000-$1,000,0000. More established residents and families live in this neighborhood due to the more expensive housing costs and the lot sizes. Young professionals, young couples, students and any first-time home buyers are usually not the key demographic in this neighborhood. This community has a lot to offer and is a truly beautiful community to be part of, residents here are treated to a well maintained street, mature vegetation, historical landmarks, unique community initiatives and a community that is very involved.

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