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Rock Bay Real Estate

The Rock Bay district is known as a light-industrial area with only a handful of residential space. The area is host to two brewing companies; Vancouver Island Brewing and Phillips Brewing & Malting located just north of Downtown and south of Burnside/Gorge Neighbourhood.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

The majority of the neighborhood is filled with light-industrial buildings but there are still residential properties in this area. Properties tend to carry the same average cost of properties in the Burnside/Gorge area, caused by the fact that there is a smaller amount of housing available and the proximity to Downtown Victoria, regardless of it primarily being an industrial area. There are plans for the future of this neighbourhood to turn it into the likes of Portland’s Pearl District. This district is likely the future home of a unique multiuse community, which integrates an industrial past and an urban residential community future... since this community is usually integrated into the Burnside neighborhood or Downtown Victoria. This community has a history of being home to working-class residents, however there are a collection of expensive houses that have been built on the waterfront and the Gorge waterway. This neighborhood is still in its early stages and has a ways to go to make it feel more like a residential community but the city is now considering merging this small community into the Downtown sector and making it more walkable.

What schools are there in Rock Bay?

There are no schools in Rock Bay but schools in the neighboring communities of Gorge and Burnside are in close vicinity. Historically there were a lot of school aged children in this community but more families have moved into surrounding neighborhoods because of school proximity, green spaces and childcare facilities.

How do Rock Bay residents spend their leisure time?

Rock Bay has a small community without any public green spaces. While this community does have a rich industrial history, its residential status is still in the early stages. Residents in this community can enjoy the waterfront, the industrial history, and the short commute to Downtown Victoria. The community plan is to add more common gathering spaces for residents and introducing more parks as well as retail opportunities. The infill of housing in this area could mean more affordable housing for families and professionals wishing to be closer to the city’s core.

Is there shopping close by?

This neighborhood does not have many amenities in the direct community but is extremely close to Downtown Victoria making a wide variety of amenities readily available. The community has a Canada Post depot, a motor inn, two brewing companies and a small amount of convenience shops/stores. The residents have a short drive to further services at Burnside community, Downtown Victoria or the Inner Harbour.

Are there other areas to consider?

If you are looking for smaller emerging communities, Hillside and Quadra would be suitable options. However, if being in close proximity to downtown with access to waterfront properties than James Bay might be an area of interest.

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