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Quadra Real Estate

Quadra is a laid-back neighborhood full of multi-cultural residents, an involved community center, large parks and recreation. This neighborhood is home to many residents including young families, older couples and busy professionals looking for a more low-key community.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

This neighborhood is mainly residential with small bordering areas of retail and professional offices, making it an ideal place to raise a family or to enjoy the community atmosphere that is created here. The Community center in this area hosts the food bank, a good food box program and hosts a weekly hot lunch program on Thursdays. The community spirit in this neighborhood is high and many residents use the community center to get together with neighbors or to join in on recreation fun. Here you will find students, young families, professionals and more established residents that cover all bases of economic levels. The house prices start at $650,000 and the average condo starting at roughly $350,000. The community center is constantly improving the neighborhood and gathering residential support in its initiatives. The residents in this area have the chance to be really involved and immersed in their community. The area has many convenient bus stops, and is a short distance to the ferry terminal as well as the airport. The residents also enjoy the cycling infrastructure in the neighbourhood including the famous Galloping Goose Trail .

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