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Oaklands neighborhood is just northeast of Downtown Victoria nestled between Fernwood and Quadra communities. The neighborhood is mostly residential,affordable and family friendly.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

Oaklands property prices are some of the most affordable in Victoria and it is for this reason that the neighborhood is well suited for new families, young couples and young professionals. The residential areas in this community are mostly made up of apartments and multi-family dwellings with 37% of properties being single-family detached and semi-detached housing. This neighborhood has second highest number of detached houses in Victoria and is a great place to buy a starter home or property for a larger family. The largest demographic living in this neighborhood is 25-60 years old with a median age of 39.8. The neighborhood has a lot of green spaces easily accessible amenities which make it ideal for families. The median salary of those living in this area is around $55,000 (as a household total) and includes a variety of cultures. This neighborhood has the second highest property ownership rate and also has the second largest household size in Victoria. This neighborhood is also one of eight with a community center making it easy for the residents to be involved in community initiatives and events.

What schools are there in Oaklands?

The Oakland community has three schools which include Oaklands Elementary, Oak and Orca Bioregional, and Victoria school for ideal education. Both the Bioregional and Victoria School for Ideal Education are private schools.

How do Oaklands residents spend their leisure time?

Oakland residents have lots of available parks to walk and historic landmarks like the Jewish Cemetery from 1860. The four main parks include Oakland and Hillside park (which are community Parks) Oswald and David Spencer park (which are neighborhood parks). This community also has a number of smaller parks for residents to enjoy and explore. Oaklands is a great place to have young kids as it offers a large amount of green spaces, natural parks and an indoor retail center for colder weather. The area is home to protected eco-spaces overseen by the Oaklands Community Center.

Is there shopping close by?

Oaklands is home to Hillside mall and offers over 100 shops and services. This area has dentist offices, medical centers, and restaurants. The community also has an up and coming retail space called Haultain Corners which features cafes, shops and sustainable grocers called The Local General Store. This area makes it easy to get everything in a short distance and gives you the choice of mainstream and boutique shops. The neighborhood also has a hospital, the Aberdeen Hospital, and BC’s oldest registered non-profit organization.

Are there other areas to consider?

If you are looking for another neighborhood with an urban flair then try Quadra and Hillside. If you want to be closer to the city’s entertainment then Downtown Victoria might appeal to you more.

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