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Mayfair Real Estate

Mayfair community is a retail area for larger, box stores such as Walmart and Best Buy and a popular shopping complex called Mayfair Mall that offers a wide variety of trendy stores and vendors. The large appeal regarding this area is the location being that it's so close in proximity to all amenities as well as ideal transportation routes.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

The Mayfair area contains a mixture of residents and properties. Most of the neighborhood is taken up with the Mayfair Shopping Center, the hub of the area. The rest of the area has larger more expensive homes starting at $900,000, starter houses ranging in the $500,000-$700,000’s and some multi-family units starting in the mid $200,000’s. The housing prices here are similar to those found in Burnside and Gorge communities. The varied mixture of residential property make this a great area for urban professionals, young families and those buying their first place. Because of the major roads and the shopping complex, expect traffic volume to be higher. It’s only a seven minute drive to Downtown Victoria for restaurants, shopping and entertainment.