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Jubilee Real Estate

Jubilee is considered a mature neighbourhood that offers a short drive to the shops of Oak Bay, close proximity to Downtown Victoria and only a short commute to beach access. The community is divided into North Jubilee and South Jubilee, where the Royal Jubilee Hospital can be found.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

This neighborhood is home to the Royal Jubilee Hospital and also has a seniors center (Victoria’s Silver Threads Seniors Center). The median age of residents here is 38.5 with the average demographic being between 25 and 64 years of age. Jubilee is a mostly residential area with a few commercial areas on Fort Street and Oak Bay Avenue. 86% of housing here is multi-family and 14% are single-family homes. Housing prices in Jubilee range anywhere from $650,000 to upwards of $880,000 and condo prices in the area start at around $250,000. The range in property prices in this neighborhood shows that there are multiple properties available for all economic levels making this neighborhood a good mix of young professionals, more established residents and families. The business community is mostly health agencies and institutions but there are some other services available. Residents can join the Jubilee Urban Farmers Group where residents farm their own yards and boulevards. The Jubilee Neighborhood Association is the driving force behind the eco-initiatives of this area and include initiatives such as planting nut trees in Red Fern Park and the community’s popular recycling program. The locals are very involved in making a stronger community and are very involved in the community’s eco-culture.

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