James Bay homes for sale

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James Bay Real Estate

This neighborhood is located on the southern tip of Victoria and is home to many waterfront properties, gardens, community market, Fisherman’s Wharf and many high-end restaurants and hotels. James Bay, settled in the late 1800’s, is one of the oldest residential communities on the west coast of Canada.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

James Bay is the second most densely populated residential area in Victoria and has waterfront on three sides of the neighborhood. The area occupies the southern part of Victoria’s inner harbour and the waterfront in this community is very much alive with industrial, transportation and personal activities during the week. This community has the largest percentage of seniors living in the area (29% of it’s residents) and has the largest median age of 52.2. The residents here are mostly long term residents and established families and professionals. This is a more expensive area to be and has seen only 1% growth of its residents in the last 20 years. Most of the housing here is high density multi-family apartments and only 10% of dwellings are single-family (detached and semi-detached) houses. This area has a higher ratio of renters versus owners and is a clear sign of the average housing prices, although condos are well priced and starting at around $200,000. This is one of the few areas in Victoria that also offers float homes with a community feel. The area hosts many active seniors associations as well.

What schools are there in James Bay?

There are two schools in this neighborhood; James Bay Community School and South Park Elementary.

How do James Bay residents spend their leisure time?

Being that this neighborhood is part of the Inner Harbour there are many activities and entertainment possibilities. The community houses both the legislature grounds and the Royal British Columbia Museum. The west shoreline is lined with industrial buildings meaning the area is busier with Ogden Point and the Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal both located here. This community is walkable and has easy access to downtown shopping, waterfront promenades, and parks. This community boasts farmers markets and two community allotment gardens. Most of Beacon Hill Park resides in this area and offers other Parks such as Holland Point Park, waterfront parkland and Fisherman’s Wharf.