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Hillside Real Estate

Hillside is an emerging neighborhood that has a lot to offer from parks to quiet tree-lined streets, this neighborhood is great for young families and professionals looking to get further out of the city.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

Hillside is very much a multi-cultural neighborhood that brings together the community with its group initiatives and community center. The neighborhood is primarily apartment style housing (80% of property in this neighborhood) and only 20% of properties are semi-detached or detached single-family homes. The largest demographic in this neighborhood is between 25-64 but includes a lot of young families moving into the area. Hillside is a quiet neighborhood with a great community center that is shared with the Quadra neighborhood. The home prices in this neighborhood start at $650,000 and the average cost of a condo in the area starting upwards of $350,000 (2-bedroom unit). If you are looking for an area that has a variety of cultures than this area should be top of your list, with its multi-cultural food stores and cafes. Although the area is bordered by three high volume routes in and out of the city core, it still maintains a quaint community feel with a more relaxed vibe.

What schools are there in Hillside?

Hillside shares the local schools with the Quadra neighborhood. Quadra Elementary and SJ Willis Education Center are both available in this community. CDI College is also in the neighborhood and is privately run.