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Gonzales Real Estate?

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that contains many great aspects then Gonzales is definitely one you should consider. This community offers a relaxed feeling, very little traffic, ample green space, and character homes while remaining a close proximity to downtown.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

Gonzales has a neighbourhood that offers more single family homes rather than apartment style housing. The district of Gonzales is almost entirely residential with the lowest density of housing in the city. The community is well known for the highest percentage of young families living in the area with the added high percentage of home ownership in Victoria. To keep up with the communities diversity the city has a plan to allow secondary suites in many of the properties and maintain its green spaces by regulating the size of new houses on upcoming lots. Allowing secondary suites mean the average home is more affordable and increases the amount of affordable housing without ruining the character of the neighborhood. The appeal of this community is seen in the average household income and housing that is above the median cost in Victoria. This special area has a younger community feel to it and has a more relaxed atmosphere than Downtown Victoria. The average house price here is $1,248,400 with the lowest listings around $900,000. This is a more expensive area but in return has a lot to offer.


Is there shopping close by?

This area has a few nursing homes, retail spaces and schools placed in the community but it is primarily housing and green spaces. While the area is mostly residential with few commercial and retail spaces there are a handful of areas for shopping including Fairfield Village, Oak Bay Avenue, Richmond Avenue in the west and Foul Bay in the east. Furthermore, Ross Bay Village that sits on the boundary between Gonzales and Fairfield is another location that offers cafes, eateries and local shops.

Are there other areas to consider?

If you are looking for another residential community with historical charter with waterfront views you may consider looking at the Fairfield neighbourhood.

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