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Fernwood Real Estate

Fernwood community is an artistic hub with a close knit community. This community primarily features residential properties with shops and amenities to service the residents. The district has an urban feel to it and has many different types of demographics spread throughout. What sets this neighbourhood apart above the rest would be their participation in community involvement.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

This neighborhood has the lowest median age in Victoria of 34.1 with the largest demographic being between 25-40 years old. The local Neighborhood Resource Group (NRG) offers child care and family programs making it an affordable area for young families with children. The NRG is also responsible for opening a community café and building more affordable housing for residents. There are many heritage houses in the neighborhood which give it a special kind of character. Fernwood is one of eight communities that has its own community center. The district is made up of artists, young families and a community square for residents to enjoy called "Fernwood Square". Housing in the neighborhood is more affordable and the properties start at around $300,000. While the area is known for its community plan to make more affordable housing there are more expensive properties for sale in the area as well. The residents in this area are truly community centered and are inclusive of all economical levels.

What schools are there in Fernwood?

The community has four schools in the district; George Jay Elementary School, Victor Elementary School, Central Middle School and Victoria High School, which happens to be the oldest public school west of Winnipeg in Canada.


Are there other areas to consider?

If you are looking for other areas with a community centred feel one could look at Fairfield East and West

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