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Fairfield West Real Estate

Fairfield West neighborhood borders the Fairfield East community, Beacon Hill Park, the coast and Fort Road to the north. This community features a close proximity to downtown Victoria without the hustle and bustle from the city core. Fairfield West is a beautiful community filled with green spaces, historical landmarks and easy access to all amenities.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

Condos within the district start at $250,000 and reach upwards of $600,000, even higher in some cases. While there are more apartment style properties in this area versus Fairfield East, traditional detached, single-family homes can be found but are expensive. The apartment style dwellings in this neighborhood tend to be more low-rise and townhouse style. The median house price in Fairfield West is approximately $800,000. This area is a more established neighborhood and is definitely on the more expensive side of Victoria’s real estate market. With its close proximity to the Downtown core many working professionals live in this area for the short commute and easy access to amenities. This area has median population age of 46.3, which is slightly higher that downtown Victoria and the greatest demographic in the area is those aged 45-64 with the second highest demographic being those aged between 30 and 44. Thirty percent of residents in this area walk to work and fifteen percent bike to work and less than half travel by vehicle.


Is there shopping close by>

Shopping in this district includes Cook Street village, a tree-line commercial space that hosts cafes, restaurants, locally owned boutiques and grocery stores. Cook Street Village is comprised of mostly low-height buildings and has a more laid-back feeling than Victoria’s Downtown Core as there is less traffic and bisecting roads.

Are there other areas to consider?

Other communities to consider would be James Bay for its ocean access or Gonzales if you are looking to be further out of the city.

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