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Fairfield East Real Estate

Fairfield East is located on the southern Vancouver Island. In fact, it the southernmost community in the City of Victoria. This is also the largest neighborhood within Victoria in both population and the area (when combined with neighboring Gonzales community). This area has a lot to offer in both residential properties, amenities and its pleasant tree-lined communities are well maintained.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

The demographic in this area has a median age of 41.9 and the biggest sector of its population is between 30-60 years old. There are less low-income residences in Fairfield than there are in Victoria City Center. The homes in this community are marked higher than in other areas. For instance, a detached single-family home is on average, will cost close to $800,000. Keeping in mind the closer you get to the water the more expensive it will become. This is a highly sought-after neighborhood and the prices reflect that. Detached homes in Fairfield take up 16% of properties whereas apartments represent 73% of dwellings. While Fairfield West tends to have more apartments Fairfield East tends to have more single-family homes. This community has a good mix of low-rise apartments and single family homes.

What schools are there in Fairfield East?

Within the community there are multiple schools one can choose from including Margaret Jenkins Elementary, Sir James Douglas Elementary, Central Middle School and Beacon Hill Montessori Pre-School located in adjacent Fairfield west.

How do Fairfield East residents spend their leisure time?

Fairfield East is bordered by St. Charles Street, Dallas Road and Richardson Street. This community boasts genuine historical sites such as the Ross Bay Cemetery and Emily Carr’s grave. Moss Rock Park is also situated in this neighborhood. Moss Rock Park offers some of the best views in the city and features the Olympic mountains in Washington, a summit hike (41 meters) and amazing local flowers and covers the ocean shoreline of the Juan de Fuca Strait. This area is walkable with its pleasant residential areas that showcase late Victorian and Edwardian homes. This community features hiking/biking trails, amazing parks, green spaces with stunning views as well as a historical character.

Is there shopping close by?

Fairfield east is known for a little shopping strip called Five Corners which features a general store, vet clinic, fish & chips and a bicycle store. Five Corners is located at the intersection of Moss Street and Fairfield Road and is known for being a community gathering place. From April until October the Moss Street Market is open and is a locally enjoyed farmer’s market. The Fairfield Plaza is yet another shopping center and has a grocery store, local pub, and a health center. The Fairfield Plaza is located between the Fairfield/Gonzales border.

Are there other areas to consider?

If you are looking for other waterfront communities like this one, consider Gonzales or Oak Bay area. If you want to be closer to downtown you could consider Fairfield West.

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