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The downtown core of Victoria is a vibrant, urban and trendy neighbourhood that offers its residents walkable shopping areas, delicious restaurants and pubs, thriving entertainment as well as breath taking ocean views. This part of Victoria is without a doubt one of the main reasons as to why this city is rated as a top travel destination. With stunning heritage buildings, waterfront paths, as well as picture perfect locations what's not to love!

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

Downtown Victoria caters to all ages, however with that being said there has been a surge as of late of "millennial hipsters" that are moving directly into the city. This demographic prefers to live, work and play all within the close proximity of their home; downtown. With the microbrew beer, music festivals, and trendy stores it is certainly a mid 20's-30's dream location to call home.

What schools are there downtown?

Although there are no schools located directly downtown, with the Pat Bay highway being easily accessible it is extremely simple to commute to a variety of schools within surrounding areas.

How do downtown residents spend their leisure time?

There is no question that if you are a resident of downtown, you will have numerous options on activities you can partake in. The core of town offers you various fitness facilities and interactive social rooms such as the boardgame cafe, or the brand new horror escape room. Giving groups of friends interesting and unique activities to do on their days off. On a sunny day there is the popular blooming Beacon Hill park, ideal for walking or bringing the family along to feed the ducks. Within the park itself there is also a petting zoo that is considered to be a main attraction for all ages.

Is there shopping close by?

One would be hard pressed to find a better location that offers such a diverse selection of shopping and amenities to its residents. This area includes many restaurants, pubs, drugstores, grocery stores, clothing stores etc. Another interesting feature is Chinatown (located on the edge of town). Taking a stroll along this colourful strip opens up unique stores where you can try and purchase new intriguing foods/ingredients.

Are there other areas to consider?

When considering other areas, you may look into Fairfield, Burnside or Mayfair. These areas offer many similarities while not being directly located in the central core of downtown Victoria.

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