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Burnside Real Estate

Burnside community has a mixture of residential, manufacturing, industrial and commercial areas. This community boasts 5 parks and a range of different activities. Burnside is intersected by major thoroughfares such as Gorge Road, Burnside Road and Douglas Street. It is north-west of Downtown Victoria and is bordered by Blanchard Street, Chatham Street and Saanich.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

In 2011 the population of this community stood at 5,860. This area is mostly filled with commercial and retail businesses and has an uneven distribution of residents who are mostly in the north-western corner where most of the housing infrastructure sits. 75% of residential dwellings in this area are apartments with single-family detached housing totaling only 10% of all properties. Apartments in this area start at $270,000 for 1 bedroom/1 bath. The few homes in this community start much higher at a median price of $548,000. If you are looking for a more affordable neighborhood, this one offers good options. The median age of the population in this area is 44.4 with the major demographic between 40-64 years of age. On average, there is the same amount of young families, older couples and established families in this neighborhood. Properties in this local are currently close to the demand in Victoria.

What schools are there in Burnside?

There are three schools located in the vicinity of Burnside; St. Joseph’s Elementary, Spectrum Community and Selkirk Montessori school. There is also a Burnside Elementary school that will be reopening as the Burnside Education Center which will be a center for an alternative high school. If you are looking for more options, both Gorge and South Saanich also have schools nearby.

How do Burnside residents spend their leisure time?

Leisure time in Burnside neighborhood can be used to visit the Selkirk waterway where you can enjoy swimming, walking, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding. This community also offers bike trails and walk ways. Ceceila Ravine Park is located in Burnside and hosts hiking, biking and walking trails. This community has a dog park located just off Washington Ave and Selkirk Green Park on Waterfront Crescent. There is also Arbutus park, Balfour playlot, and Sumas Park. The bike paths in this area meet-up with the Galloping Goose Trail. The Burnside Community Center has an award-winning green roof that is open to the public. This community is seen as the gateway to Victoria with all its major thoroughfares and cycling paths leading to downtown.

Is there shopping close by?

Stores that are close by include Save-on-Foods, Cycles West and Home Hardware. This area also host restaurants like The Moon Under Water Pub and Chiba Sushi. Burnside also offers locally owned cafes and other amenities. If you are looking for a shopping complex in this neighborhood, the Mayfair shopping center on Finlayson Street has shops and restaurants to enjoy.

Are there other areas to consider?

If you are looking to be close to Burnside you may also consider Gorge or South Saanich real-estate.

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