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Prospect Lake is a beautiful neighbourhood found nestled within West Saanich, just north of Victoria. If you would like to live in Victoria, but would like to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, this community is just the one for you. This area offers lots of green space, swimming, fishing, and trails allowing for a tremendous countryside lifestyle, while remaining close to town.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

The neighbourhood of Prospect Lake is primarily made of families as well as older retired couples. Due to the homes being larger and including acreage, the properties are on the higher end when looking at the price making it challenging for a young demographic to maintain and afford.

What schools are there in Prospect Lake?

There is Prospect Lake Elementary school, Royal Oak Middle school, as well as Claremont Secondary located in West Saanich allowing you to cover all of your bases when looking at schools for children.

How do Prospect Lake residents spend their leisure time?

Prospect Lake residents have a variety of ways to spend their leisure time, with the majority being outdoor activities. Whitehead Park and Prospect Lake are situated directly within the neighbourhood, therefore almost all of the residents spend their time boating, fishing, swimming, or playing around on the playground located in the park. There are also small walking trails throughout the area, offering a great place to walk with friends or for a ride on horseback.

Is there shopping close by?

There are a few shops located in the prospect lake neighbourhood. There is a trendy cafe and gelatoria that offers coffee, freshly baked goods, and pizza nights giving the neighbours a pleasant place to meet up with friends and family. There is also a local market just minutes down the road, where the majority of residents do their grocery shopping as it is known for supplying the freshest produce. Heading towards town there are two larger complexes (Broadmead Village and Royal Oak) that offer a wide variety of amenities that is also easily accessible.

Are there other areas to consider?

Other areas to consider when looking for a location that isn't situated within town would be Interurban, Elk Lake or Royal Oak.

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