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This neighbourhood is bordered by: Oak Bay Avenue to the north, to the west by Foul Bay Road and Beach Drive, to the south by Beach Drive, and to the east by the shores of Oak Bay.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

South Oak Bay has a wide variety of housing. Individual homes built more than one hundred years ago, post-war low-rise rental apartments and modern homes and condos – all can be found in this part of Oak Bay. As a consequence, generalising about neighbourhood demographics here would be misleading. For example, homes just to the west of the Victoria Gold Club lie within an area where the median age of residents is 65 years, the average household income is more than $200,000 and only 30% of residences have children living at home. By contrast, in the north central part of South Oak Bay, the numbers are 47, about $90,000 and 51% respectively. This area is very much a neighbourhood of neighbourhoods in terms of these measurements.

Common to all of these sub-areas, however, are that 50% are university educated and that English by far the first language. Slightly more than 50% of all homes here are occupant-owned.

What are the homes like in the neighbourhood?

As already mentioned, there is a very wide variety of housing in South Oak Bay. Close to Foul Bay Road and along parts of Oak Bay Avenue are condominiums and rental apartments. Away from these streets, however, the usual home is a single family, often dating from the early 1900’s. Home sizes can vary a great deal. Some can be characterised as larger cottages while others are a full two and a half stories tall. Like North Oak Bay, this is an area where the term “must see” definitely applies. Obviously, homes on the waterfront or with ocean views are highly desired and their prices reflect it.

South Oak Bay is highly sought after partly because many homes are an easy walk to Oak Bay Village.


How do South Oak Bay residents spend their leisure time?

On any given day of the year, a gentle afternoon stroll to the village for a pint at the pub or sandwiches and scones at the tearoom or the Oak Bay Beach Hotel are hard to beat. Strolling along Beach Drive to take in the sea air and gorgeous scenery is also popular.

More strenuous options can be found at places such as the Oak Bay Recreational Centre. Here there is a large multi-faceted complex where visitors can enjoy swimming, skating, hockey, tennis and drop-in soccer.

Another very popular spot is the largest park, Windsor Park. All kinds of field sports are played here and, especially in the summer months, special events such as car club shows are a popular draw.

Within the boundary of South Oak Bay is the Victoria Golf Club. With its first 11 holes located on the ocean, the Victoria Golf Club has often been called “the Pebble Beach of the north”. This club often has a waiting list for prospective new members.

And finally, there is the Oak Bay Marina which offers moorage for power and sail boats ad includes the well respected Marina Restaurant with its excellent vistas and cuisine.

Is there shopping close by?

Ample retail facilities can be found at the shops at Fort and Foul Bay as well as those in Oak Bay village itself.

And what about churches?

Churches that are close by include: Oak Bay United Church, St. Mary’s Church, the Providence Community Church, and the Oak Bay Gospel Assembly.

Are there other areas to consider?

Homebuyers considering a purchase in South Oak Bay will often also look at properties in the adjacent neighbourhood of North Oak Bay.

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