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Saanichton Real Estate

Saanichton, which is part of the Central Saanich District is located Northeast of Victoria and towards the Victoria International Airport.

Who lives in the neighbourhood?

Single-family homes in this area are more affordable than in other areas and being further away from the city make the neighborhood perfect for first-time homebuyers or young families needing more space for less money. The central saanich area includes child care, grocery stores, clinics and other amenities. The greatest demographic represented in this area is between 30 and 64 years of age. The median age in this area is higher at 49.1, presumably because of the lower cost of living in this area for retirees and those on fixed incomes. This area is also home to many families with children under 24 years, approximately 39.2% of couples in the area. There are few apartments and multi-family units in this community, in fact this type of dwelling makes up only 0.1% of all properties here. The eclectic mix of houses in this neighborhood give it great character. Saanichton has a deep rooted First Nations history and carries that history through to the present day in its environmental policies that still shows a strong connection to the land. This community was built through agriculture and its residents still enjoy local produce and outdoor activities that remain true to this culture. The neighborhood is a close-knit community involved in preserving it’s beauty.