Meet Michael McMullen

Michael is a top selling Realtor for RE/MAX Camosun. Michael McMullen has helped over 2500 families buy and sell real estate since 1985. He has won many awards, including multiple memberships in the highest RE/MAX category – Chairman’s Club. He has also received their Lifetime Achievement Award. Michael has consistently performed in the top 1% of realtors in Victoria and the top 1% of all RE/MAX realtors in Canada. Michael grew up in Vancouver. He attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology, graduating in 1982 with a diploma in Marketing. After a successful seven year career as a realtor in Calgary, he returned to BC.

Meet Taylor McMullen

Taylor went to school in Victoria and then went on to study Real Estate and Business at UBC’s Sauder School of business. Taylor has travelled extensively and has learned to speak Mandarin.

Combining his business and real estate skills with his web-savvy outlook, Taylor brings a fresh perspective to the McMullen Real Estate team and has been instrumental in helping grow sales and attract buyers since joining the team.

Our History

With 30 years of Real Estate experience under his belt, Michael and the McMullen Homes team have one of the most experienced and professional service offerings you can find.
The team has recently been joined by Taylor McMullen, bringing a fresh outlook and an expanded set of services for those buying and selling homes in the Victoria market.

Clients have indicated their appreciation for Michael’s patient and supportive personality as well as his marketing expertise (see Testimonials).

Michael grew up in Vancouver. He attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology, graduating in 1982 with a diploma in Marketing. After a successful seven year career as a realtor in Calgary, he returned to BC. He currently resides in Saanich. Michael serves clients throughout Victoria and surrounding areas. His specialties include relocations to and from Vancouver Island.

Michael networks with top professionals throughout North America to better serve his clients. He also believes in giving back to the local community and supports charities like the Children’s Miracle Network. Michael’s belief is that he succeeds only when the customer succeeds.

Common FAQ’s In Real Estate

Unless you have the resources available to make an offer without a mortgage in place, the answer is almost certainly yes. With our current active market, having to wait for mortgage approval or having to make an offer conditional on approval will but you in a less strategic position as a buyer.

That is a tough question and the answer is unique for every buyer. While prices are fairly high in Victoria, rental vacancy rates are extremely low and rents are high. Buying allows you to earn equity in your home but, of course, comes with many responsibilities. The most important element may be whether you plan on being an owner one day. If so, that may tip the scales in favour of buying.

Rent-to-own opportunities are very rare in Victoria.

The safest thing to do is to sell your existing home prior to buying a new home so that you avoid the risk of temporarily owning two homes, particularly if this would create a significant financial challenge. That said, upon finding their dream home, many buyers will purchase their new home before selling their existing home and will arrange financing to address this situation.

Plus, in a market where prices are going up, you may end up further ahead by selling your existing home after buying your new one (although you face the risk of a downturn in the market occurring before your existing home sells).

Homeowners can choose to sell their own home and may, in fact, do a good job at it. However, Realtor’s are highly trained, have excellent negotiation skills, have a large network of potential buying agents and have access to market data that most homeowners do not.

As well, properly marketing and selling a home can be a lot of work! Unless you have all the necessary skills and can devote the time to marketing and selling your home, you will likely be better off using a Realtor.

Plus, Realtors are generally acknowledged as getting higher prices for homes. This is due to their skills and experience as well as the fact that buyers shopping directly from the homeowner will often seek a discount or lower price than they would if the seller was represented by a Realtor.

Generally, Realtor fees come out of the proceeds of the sale of the house and are split between the selling agent and the buying agent.

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